More Moryl

Readers of this blog will notice recent mentions of composer Richard Moryl, who, as stated in an earlier post, lived in Danbury for a time in the 1970s. For three decades, Moryl served as a music and composition professor at WestConn in Danbury, CT, as well as the University of Connecticut and Smith College.

Essentially, the interest in Moryl began with a score for an experimental piece that was finally cataloged after it had been lying around untouched for many years (another story). Intrigued by the score, the archivist (me) began looking for music in WestConn’s collection by Moryl.  An interesting and exciting revelation that came out of that search was that Moryl worked with WestConn students in the 1970s for one of his recordings.  Unfortunately, that LP which was listed in the Library’s catalog was missing.  Fortunately, that same archivist was able to find for sale a sealed copy of the record online.  It was purchased and donated to the archives.

What we have is an interesting artifact that shows the intersection of this college with cutting edge composers.  It also bears a Peaches Records price tag ($.49) – truly an artifact from the 1970s.  Click the image for more information on the record.