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Municipal records
DRG1 Danbury, Town of Records
(1826-1932 , [Bulk 1900-1918])
DRG1&2 Danbury Ledgers (1892-1969)
DRG2 Records of the City of Danbury (1889-1933)
Personal papers and archival collections
MS001 Howard Dunham Barlow Collection
(1911-2000 , [Bulk 1920-1958])
MS002 Connecticut Historical Printed Miscellanea Collection
(1989-2005 , [Bulk 1906-1936])
MS003 Connecticut Woman Suffrage Movement Collection
(1876-1982 , [Bulk 1906-1925])
MS004 Jack Friel University History Collection
(1850-1978 , [Bulk 1976-1977])
MS006 James Furman Papers (1963-1997)
MS008 Alfred Geddes Papers
(1913-1959 , [Bulk 1940-1950])
MS009 June Goodman Collection
(1947-1997 , [Bulk 1952-1967])
MS011 George B. Hawley Collection
(1910-1927 , [Bulk 1917-1918))
MS012 Herbert F. Janick Jr. Papers (1889-2002)
MS014 Walter Gordon Merritt Collection
(1902-1967 , [Bulk 1920-1946])
MS015 John Mihelic Collection
(1908-1927 , [Bulk 1918-1924])
MS016 Mooney-Billings Case Collection (1917-1938)
MS017 The Picture Collection of Donald Moss (1950-1999)
MS019 Hamilton Orgelman Papers
(1806-2001 , [Bulk 1918-1972])
MS020 Pinkerton Detective Agency Danbury Fires Investigation Collection (1891-1892)
MS021 Caroline Randolph Diary (1835-1876)
MS022 Frederic Cole Smedley Collection
(1914-1950 , (Bulk 1934-1946))
MS024 Reform of Insane Asylum Tracts (1838-1865)
MS025 Jennie Warner Papers (1908-1917)
MS026 Truman A. Warner Papers
(1725-1997 , [Bulk 1940-1997])
MS027 World War I Pamphlets and Bulletins
(1917-1921 , [Bulk 1917-1918])
MS028 Lewis Zurlo Associates Architecture & Interior Design Collection (1956-2005)
MS033 Ruth Alice Haas Papers (1922-1987)
MS034 Ralph Carlton Jenkins Papers (1933-1937)
MS035 Marjorie Echols Local Artists Collection (1950-2000)
MS036 Metrotone Newsreels, etc. Collections (1952-1979)
MS037 Danbury Hatters Project Papers (1982-1999)
MS038 Danbury Miscellanea Collection (1850-1960)
MS039 Danbury Preservation Trust Records (1959-2001)
MS040 Edward Eliscu Papers
(1969-1998 , [Bulk 1971-1990])
MS041 Dr. Ellen Rosenberg’s Religion in Society and Culture Student Paper Collection (1969-1975)
MS042 Segregation Photoprints (1860-1972)
MS043 Helen Parkhurst Asian Art Monographs and Folios ([ca. 1920])
MS044 Journals of Horace Purdy (1860-1905)
MS045 Miscellaneous Historic Newspaper Collection (1837-1986)
MS047 Still River Channel Construction Plans (1974-1975)
MS048 Truman Warner Anthropological Collection (1960-1980)
MS049 Don Stitt Collected Plays (1974-2007)
MS050 Danbury Industrial Corporation Records
(1916-2002 , [Bulk 1945-1965])
MS051 Mary Deming 4-H Clippings (1952-1964)
MS052 James E. Dyer Papers (1908-2010)
MS053 Pi Lambda Theta, Beta Omega Chapter Records (1972-1997)
MS054 Bartlett Collection (1726-1906)
MS055 World War I Era Publications and Propaganda (1898-1922)
MS056 Ruth Steinkraus-Cohen Collection (1800s-1940s)
MS057 Davida Blakeslee Foy Collection (1928-1929)
MS058 Danbury’s Third Century Collection (1950-2011)
MS059 Herndon Dowling Herpetological Collection (1930-2014)
MS060 Civil War Letters and Miscellanea Collection (1860-1890)
MS061 Margaret Slater Collection (1920-2001)
MS062 Michael C. Dooling Collection (1990-2014)
MS063 The H.L. Trisch; A.C. Gilbert Company World War II Records (1941-1945)
MS064 Greater Danbury Intercultural Association (1980-1993)
MS065 Miscellaneous Historic Map Collection (1923-1947)
MS066 Andrei Hudiakoff Published Illustrations Collection (1930-1994)
MS067 Al Stewart Collection (1950-2016
MS068 Marian Anderson Collection (1927-1980)
MS070 Jim Pegolotti Program Notes Files 2021
MS071 Joseph D. Bishop Collection (1861-2021)
MS073 Robert Krejci Menu Collection (ca. 1960)
MS074 Allan T. Ostergren Art Collection (1910-2009)
MS075 Christopher J. Durante Collection (1982-2023)
OH001 Danbury Remembers, Conversations With a Community : Danbury History Project Oral Histories. (1980-1993)
University Archives
RG1_csus Connecticut State University System Records (1980-2007)
RG2 Office of the President Records
(1903-2002 , [Bulk 1969-1991])
RG3 University Governance Records (2003-2013)
RG38 University Governance Records: Senate Records (1906-2007)
RG4 Division of Finance & Administration, (1926-2006)
RG5 Division of Student Affairs Records (1926-2006)
RG515 Student Government Association Records (1931-2002)
RG5151 Student Newspaper Collection (1931-2006)
RG5151a Echo Records (1986-2001)
RG5152 WXCI Records (1972-2009)
RG6 Division of Academic Affairs Records (1904-2018)
RG612 WCSU School of Visual and Performing Arts Collection (1850s-2008)
RG617 Undergraduate Writing and English Theses (2003-2011)
RG640 Carl Pettersch Papers : Academic Affairs. Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies (1952-1972)
RG7 Office of Institutional Advancement Records (1919-2005)
RG732 Office of University Publications & Design Records
(1964-2014 , [Bulk 1988-2000])
RG8 Western Connecticut State University Photographs and Miscellanea (1903-2008)
RG8.1 WestConn Serials and Publications (1904-2008)
RG8.2.1 WestConn Archives’ Bio and Morgue File (1984-present)