Create a drop folder for CAO

WebDav may be used to easily drag and drop your files into your CAO data folder. This is useful if you are managing a large number of files and are making frequent updates. If you only have a couple files and make few updates, you may also use our EAD file drop on the menu above.

A free file transfer client; we’ve used Cyberduck with success. []

The CAO administrators will provide you with a login and password for your drop folder after you submit your Application Form.

With cyberduck, create a new connection to:

See below – add the path: /webdav/arclight/data/ead/[YourRepositoryCode]/

That’s it!

We recommend that if you are replacing files with new versions that you delete them first and then replace the file. If you are removing a file, it will not be removed from CAO until we delete that file; so, let us know if you want to totally remove an EAD from the index.