How do I participate?

First – Contact Brian Stevens (phone 203-837-8992) to talk about establishing your “account” with the CAO and fill out the Application Form.

  • Participation in CAO is easy and free.

An institution interested in participating:

  • needs valid EAD finding aids for their collections
  • be located in or proximate to Connecticut
  • adhere to a couple simple Coding Conventions

Once the CAO administrators receive your application form, you will receive further instructions regarding setting up a drop folder for adding your finding aids to the thousands currently indexed by the CAO search.

I want to participate and already have EAD encoded finding aids

  1. Fill out the Application Form
  2. Wait for an email from the CAO administrator for your log in and account information
  3. Set up a Network Place for the CAO
  4. Make sure your XML adheres to the simple Coding Conventions.  Drag your EAD files into your CAO network place

I want to participate but my repository doesn’t have EAD – I’ve never heard of EAD!

Not a problem. CAO provides an interface for creation of collection level EAD records. If you are able to fill out a form online, you will be able to generate a collection level record. You will gain an understanding generally of what EAD is – which is good for you and your archive.  If you don’t have a means of displaying EAD finding aids on your own site, you may still participate.  We’ll help you get started!

Follow the link below to set up a collection profile and to use the EAD Production form.

  1. Fill out the Application Form
  2. You’ll receive a welcome message from the CAO administrator, and if you have indicated in your application that you need help with EAD, you’ll receive a link to your own EAD template. click here to see a sample of the template (Internet Explorer 7 and up do not render the CAO Template correctly, please use Chrome or Firefox)
  3. Then contact us about the next steps to get you up and running on the CAO.

Here are of all our current participants: