How do I participate?

Participation is free!

First, fill out our simple application form. If you have questions, contact the CAO, and we’ll help you get started listing your holdings in CAO.

I want to participate and already have EAD encoded finding aids

  1. Wait for an email from CAO administrators after you’ve submitted your application form. We’ll give you some log-in and account information and we’ll arrange to import your EAD files.
  2. Your XML will have to adhere to our fairly simple Coding Conventions
  3. We’ll index your EAD and let you know of any indexing errors.

I want to participate but my repository doesn’t have EAD – or I’ve never heard of EAD!

Not a problem. CAO provides an instance of ArchivesSpace to create EAD. We’ll help you get started!

  1. Fill out the Application Form
  2. You’ll receive a welcome message from the CAO administrator, and if you have indicated in your application that you need help with EAD, you’ll receive a link to your own repository in CAO’s instance of ArchivesSpace (
  3. You can fill out fields on the application form which will enable us to create a repository level and searchable record for your repository. AND/OR You can contact us about the next steps to get you up and running with ArchivesSpace, EAD, and CAO.