Create EAD

CAO offers participating repositories for no fee the option of using our instance of ArchivesSpace. ArchivesSpace is a tool that will export EAD and its fairly easy to use even if you don’t know what EAD is.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, just let us know and we will send you credentials to log in to the system. Just use the contact us link with questions or request access with your application.

We hope that by offering this service, it will give CT repositories an opportunity to use and get to know a widely adopted tool in the archives field.

Things to keep in mind, PLEASE READ:

This ArchivesSpace instance is offered only as a service to create EAD for searching in CAO. CAO will attempt to maintain this data to the best of our ability, but each user is responsible for their own data, and therefore, should export their data regularly (i.e. export EAD) in order to protect it. Your EAD is YOUR data and can be easily re-imported into ArchivesSpace if something goes wrong. Any other data (accessions, locations, etc.) entered or utilized in CAO’s instance of ArchivesSpace is not utilized by CAO, and therefore, any loss or malfunction of that data will not be recoverable.

By initializing your repository in this instance of ArchivesSpace, the user takes full responsibility for their data and indemnifies CAO and Western Connecticut State University of any liability associated with the loss of data.

Data that is not directly linked to the public data of the resources record (locations, accessions, events, classifications, and assessments) may be utilized by participating repositories but CAO does not support the use of CAO’s ArchivesSpace in these functional areas. Issues or export of this data should be addressed by the participating repository directly with the user community of ArchivesSpace.

Do not share your login credentials with anyone unless you trust them to make changes to your data.