15 years ago this summer…

A meeting of the CSU archivists and the CT State Archivist (at that time, the late Paul Baran) in 2008 led to the creation of a search application at WestConn that Baran suggested we call Connecticut Archives Online. While it has grown in those 15 years, the goal of the project has always been to help CT archivists and researchers more easily find archival materials, first just in the CSU consortium, but then all over CT. To further clarify that the search was across Connecticut and not just materials that relate to Connecticut, we changed our name in 2021 to Connecticut’s Archives Online.

It’s still the free service it was always and hopefully even easier to use and join. We hope to continue serving the community by promoting archival best practice and providing free access to primary sources in CT repositories.

Thanks to the State of CT, the CSCU System, Western CT State University, all our participants and users for your support! Let your local legislators know how much you appreciate this service!

CAO in 2008. Below, the CAO from Nov 2020-Jun 2023