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Link to Google Doc pages describing this implementation. Link to the project’s GitHib.

Submit EAD

There’s four five different ways to get your repository’s EAD files to us: Submit via a Google form (a Google account is required) – For non-Google users, here’s an alternative (must submit one file at a time) – Set up a drag and drop folder using WebDav – CAO network folder set-up ArchivesSpace …


CAO utilizes Matomo to monitor usage of the site. It, like ArcLight, is open source. If you’d like to see usage statistics, just let us know, and we’ll send you a report. Privacy policy

Add a CAO search box to your site

Simply insert the above code into your site to add a search box for CAO! Where the code above says: “Western Connecticut State University Archives and Special Collections”, paste your repository’s name exactly as it appears on the CAO’ repository list ( This will create a search box that searches your finding aids in CAO.

Create EAD

CAO offers participating repositories for no fee the option of using our instance of ArchivesSpace. ArchivesSpace is a tool that will export EAD and its fairly easy to use even if you don’t know what EAD is. If you would like to take advantage of this service, just let us know and we will …

Coding Conventions

CAO has a few simple required coding conventions for the EAD finding aids that it searches.  The four requirements below ensure that CAO functions as intended. None of these coding conventions run contrary to best practices for EAD. If you are using a tool like ArchivesSpace, AtoM, Archivists’ Toolkit, Archon, etc. to generate EAD,  coding …