Faculty Monographs – as of Mar 15, 2012

Selections. Polyglot. 2010;”The poetry and prose of Rosali?�a de Castro : a bilingual facing page edition / translated from the Galician and Spanish with an introduction by John P. Dever and Aileen Dever with a preface by Marco A. Arenas Castro, Rosal a de, 1837-1885 b3095471x
The Ed letters : memories of a New England boyhood / Edwin and Cliff Ashley edited by Diane deManbey Duebber Ashley, Edwin, 1913- b27052485
Inquiry in education / Mark W. Aulls, Bruce M. Shore Aulls, Mark W., 1942- b28743891
Benjamin Britten’s the young person’s guide to the orchestra : teaching strategies for the classroom / by Wesley Ball Ball, Wesley b29195020
The Nutcracker Suite: Active Listening Strategies Ball, Wesley b30403467
The Communist collapse in Indonesia [by] Arnold C. Brackman Brackman, Arnold C b1295214x
The search for the gold of Tutankhamen Brackman, Arnold C b14290571
The last emperor / by Arnold C. Brackman Brackman, Arnold C b25343762
Fire in the crucible : the alchemy of creative genius Briggs, John b14619957
Fractals : the patterns of chaos : a new aesthetic of art, science, and nature / John Briggs Briggs, John, 1945- b15666189
Trickster tales / by J.P. Briggs Briggs, John, 1945- b28743787
Seven life lessons of chaos : spiritual wisdom from the science of change / John Briggs and F. David Peat Briggs, John, 1945- b28743799
Entangled landscapes : stories and poems about the mind in nature / J.P. Briggs & James R. Scrimgeour Briggs, John, 1945- b2908278x
Dark remedy : the impact of Thalidomide and its revival as a vital medicine / Rock Brynner and Trent Stephens Brynner, Rock, 1946- b28743829
Empire & odyssey : the Brynners in Far East Russia and beyond / Rock Brynner Brynner, Rock, 1946- b28743830
Essays against ruin / by Brian Clements Clements, Brian, 1965- b26914141
And how to end it / Brian Clements Clements, Brian, 1965- b30379428
Disappointed psalms / Brian Clements Clements, Brian, 1965- b30886569
Providing efficient, cost-effective, quality health solutions in the 21st century : engaging cutting edge care technologies / by John Robert Coleman, Karen Becky Zagor, Judith Elaine Calhoun Coleman, John Robert, 1943- b27253776
Derivatives and equity portfolio management / Bruce M. Collins, Frank J. Fabozzi Collins, Bruce M b22954739
Dress thin! : 330 tips : how to use clothing and accessories to flatter your figure / Jeanne M. Dallman and Rose Mary Dallman Dallman, Jeanne M b29076821
Out of the classroom : observations and investigations in astronomy / Dennis W. Dawson Dawson, Dennis W b27253764
Spirits of Texas and New England : over 100 true encounters with the supernatural / Oscar De Los Santos De Los Santos, Oscar b28743878
Hardboiled egg / Oscar De Los Santos De Los Santos, Oscar b2874388x
The brink : Cuban missile crisis, 1962 / by David Detzer Detzer, David b13115819
Thunder of the captains : the short summer in 1950 / David Detzer Detzer, David b13196170
An Asian tragedy : America and Vietnam / by David Detzer Detzer, David b21861705
Allegiance : Fort Sumter, Charleston, and the beginning of the Civil War / David Detzer Detzer, David b25007312
The brink : Cuban missile crisis, 1962 / by David Detzer Detzer, David b26612501
Donnybrook : the Battle of Bull Run, 1861 / David Detzer Detzer, David b28743908
Dissonance : the turbulent days between Fort Sumter and Bull Run / David Detzer Detzer, David b2874391x
We crown them all : an illustrated history of Danbury / William E. Devlin. Partners in progress / by Kristin Nord sponsored by the Danbury Scott-Fanton Museum and Historical Society Devlin, William E., 1949- b10122709
Optimal database marketing : strategy, development, and data mining / Ronald G. Drozdenko, Perry D. Drake Drozdenko, Ronald G b25231170
Human life before birth / Frank J. Dye Dye, Frank J. (Frank John), 1942- b24543913
Dictionary of developmental biology and embryology / Frank J. Dye Dye, Frank J. (Frank John), 1942- b25202832
Smarter money : an investment game plan for those who made it and want to keep it / Frank J. Fabozzi and Stephen Feldman Fabozzi, Frank J b10217010
New England Finch, Grant E b10284308
The growth of anti-immigrant parties in Western Europe / Rachel K. Gibson Gibson, Rachel Kay b26286063
Dr. Mel’s Connecticut climate book / Mel Goldstein Goldstein, Mel b3055052x
3-D geometric origami : modular polyhedra / Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein Gurkewitz, Rona b16651315
Multimodular origami polyhedra : archimedeans, buckyballs, and duality / Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein photographs by Bill Quinnell Gurkewitz, Rona b28745917
The politically incorrect guide to the Constitution / Kevin R.C. Gutzman Gutzman, Kevin Raeder, 1963- b28768814
Virginia’s American Revolution : from dominion to republic, 1776-1840 / Kevin R.C. Gutzman Gutzman, Kevin Raeder, 1963- b28776240
James Madison and the making of America / Kevin R. C. Gutzman Gutzman, Kevin Raeder, 1963- b32845443
High nonsensical words : a study of the works of Standish James O’Grady / by Edward A. Hagan Hagan, Edward A b14534964
Goodbye Yeats and O’Neill : farce in contemporary Irish and Irish-American narratives / Edward A. Hagan Hagan, Edward A. (Edward Alphonsus), 1947- b31100740
Leading young children to music / B. Joan E. Haines, Linda L. Gerber Haines, B. Joan E. (Beatrice Joan Elizabeth), 1920-2002 b1680398x
Introduction to population genetics / Richard Halliburton Halliburton, Richard, 1946- b2680363x
Yellowstone : a world apart Halliburton, Richard, 1946- b32276217
Lessons in physics / by Lothrop D. Higgins Higgins, Lothrop D. (Lothrop Davis), b. 1876 b28403927
Introductory physics Higgins, Lothrop D. (Lothrop Davis), b. 1876 b30519421
Freddie [by] Charlotte H. Isham Isham, Charlotte H b14080102
Issues and response [compiled by] Lee A. Jacobus Jacobus, Lee A., comp b12034939
A people’s university : the centennial history of Western Connecticut State University, 1903-2003 / Herbert F. Janick Janick, Herbert F b25787615
Henry Barnard, an introduction, by Ralph C. Jenkins and Gertrude Chandler Warner Jenkins, Ralph C. (Ralph Carlton), b. 1891 b29262136
Three faces of love / Rolf M. Johnson Johnson, Rolf M b24523008
A defense of an iconic theory of musical expression / by Rolf M. Johnson Johnson, Rolf M. (Rolf Martin), 1940- b30724429
Human, the amazing animal / Kalpataru Kanungo Kanungo, K. (Kal) b21859565
Living world of the ocean / Kalpataru Kanungo, with an introduction by Dr. B.K. Behura Kanungo, Kalpataru b24238739
Ancient philosophy and modern science : an inquiry into conceptual links / Kalpataru Kanungo Kanungo, Kalpataru b3048229x
Poems. Selections;”Selected poems of Charles Henry Kauffman / compiled with an introduction by Lucy Kauffman Braibanti and Ralph Braibanti” Kauffman, Charles Henry, 1890-1976 b2501299x
Your career in psychology : psychology and the law / Tara L. Kuther Kuther, Tara L b26387359
Careers in psychology : opportunities in a changing world / Tara L. Kuther, Robert D. Morgan Kuther, Tara L b26387360
Your career in psychology : industrial/organizational psychology / Tara L. Kuther Kuther, Tara L b28745930
Your career in psychology : clinical and counseling psychology / Tara L. Kuther Kuther, Tara L b28745942
Graduate study in psychology : your guide to success / by Tara L. Kuther Kuther, Tara L b28745954
The theory of iconic realism : understanding the arts through cultural context / Jeanne I. Lakatos Lakatos, Jeanne I b30403716
Piety and power : gender and religious culture in the American colonies, 1630-1700 / by Leslie J. Lindenauer Lindenauer, Leslie J b25474601
Llibre de l’orde de cavalleria. English;”The book of the ordre of chyvalry or knyghthode” Llull, Ramon, 1232?-1316 b1427193x
Belongingness : the critical variable in the residential treatment of alcoholism / by David Francis Machell Machell, David Francis b25985036
Women’s roles in twentieth-century America / Martha May May, Martha b30526875
Monet in the 20th century / Paul Hayes Tucker with George T.M. Shackelford and MaryAnne Stevens essays by Romy Golan, John House, and Michael Leja Monet, Claude, 1840-1926 b23113844
The cheers and the tears : a healthy alternative to the dark side of youth sports today / Shane Murphy Murphy, Shane M., 1957- b23211635
The trading athlete : winning the mental game of online trading / Shane Murphy, Doug Hirschhorn Murphy, Shane M., 1957- b28749480
The clockmaker’s apprentice Myhill, Carl S b24568260
The inverted mirror : mythologizing the enemy in France and Germany, 1898-1914 / Michael E. Nolan Nolan, Michael E b27253867
Sun and wind / Standish James O’Grady edited by Edward A. Hagan O’Grady, Standish, 1846-1928 b27253740
Shoot the Unicorn: Reading, writing and understanding Orfanella, Lou b32373995
Brief encounters: Flash fiction Orfanella, Lou b32374008
Deems Taylor : a biography / James A. Pegolotti with a foreword by Gerard Schwarz Pegolotti, James A b2613259x
The creation of jazz : music, race, and culture in urban America / Burton W. Peretti Peretti, Burton W. (Burton William), 1961- b22803439
Lift every voice : the history of African American music / Burton W. Peretti Peretti, Burton W. (Burton William), 1961- b29937425
Ethics and conflict / Kathleen Ouimet Perrin, James McGhee Perrin, Kathleen Ouimet b24900801
Monograph of Podostemum (Podostemaceae) / C. Thomas Philbrick, Alejandro Novelo R Philbrick, C. Thomas b27403701
Proli Footwear, Inc. [by] Patricia M. Poli [and] Richard J. Proctor Poli, Patricia M. b29064776
When the Purple Mountain burns : a novel / Shouhua Qi Qi, Shouhua b27706266
Red Guard fantasies and other stories / Shouhua Qi Qi, Shouhua b28749510
The Swallow Musings on cross-cultural experience and (mis)understanding Qi, Shouhua b29082778
Deepening literacy learning : art and literature engagements in K-8 classrooms / by Mary Ann Reilly, Jane M. Gangi and Rob Cohen Reilly, Mary Anne b31605862
Dictionary for library and information science / Joan M. Reitz Reitz, Joan M b26569061
A year as a lion / Eric Roman Roman, Eric, 1926- b16233773
Hungary and the victor powers, 1945-1950 / Eric Roman Roman, Eric, 1926- b16730392
The Stalin years in Hungary / Eric Roman Roman, Eric, 1926- b23474920
Austria-Hungary & the successor states : a reference guide from the Renaissance to the present / Eric Roman Roman, Eric, 1926- b26897878
The early mathematics of Leonhard Euler / by C. Edward Sandifer Sandifer, Charles Edward, 1951- b28198207
How Euler did it / C. Edward Sandifer Sandifer, Charles Edward, 1951-
When genres collide : selected essays from the 37th Annual Meeting of the Science Fiction Research Association, June 22-25, 2006, White Plains, New York / edited by Thomas J. Morrissey and Oscar De Los Santos Science Fiction Research Association. National Conference (37th : 2006 : White Plains, N.Y.) b28749352
The route, and other poems / by James R. Scrimgeour Scrimgeour, James R b20555180
Dikel, your hands and other poems James R. Scrimgeour illustrations by Robert D. Sutherland Scrimgeour, James R b27052497
Balloons over Stockholm / James R. Scrimgeour Scrimgeour, James R b28750652
Brushstrokes of the millennium / James R. Scrimgeour Scrimgeour, James R b29082791
On Thatcher Island Scrimgeour, James R b3237401x
Retelling strategies to improve comprehension : effective hands-on strategies for fiction and nonfiction that help students remember and understand what they read / Darla Shaw Shaw, Darla, 1938- b28749364
Handbook of parametric and nonparametric statistical procedures / by David J. Sheskin Sheskin, David b26052416
Handbook of parametric and nonparametric statistical procedures / David J. Sheskin Sheskin, David b28156985
Batcats : the United States Air Force 553rd Reconnaissance Wing in Southeast Asia / Jack Sikora, Larry Westin Sikora, Jack b28753665
Modular origami polyhedra / Lewis Simon, Bennett Arnstein, and Rona Gurkewitz Simon, Lewis b28743921
Global perspectives in the geography curriculum : reviewing the moral case for geography / Alex Standish Standish, Alex b30449005
Literary works. Selections;”Deems Taylor : selected writings / selected and annotated by James A. Pegolotti” Taylor, Deems, 1885-1966 b28770006
LaFayette Foster : a Heartbeat Away from the Presidency / Thomas Vogt, Darla Shaw Vogt, Thomas b2875279x
The mechanism of catastrophe : the Turkish pogrom of September 6-7, 1955, and the destruction of the Greek community of Istanbul / Speros Vryonis Vryonis, Speros, 1928- b27558034
The flavor of our lives : Grandma Stacey’s memoirs / by M. Stoessel Wahl Wahl, Stacey b16593376
Reconfiguring truth : postmodernism, science studies, and the search for a new model of knowledge / Steven C. Ward Ward, Steven C b16733344
Modernizing the mind : psychological knowledge and the remaking of society / Steven C. Ward Ward, Steven C b25397035
How Danbury got to be what it is : geography and geology / by Truman Warner Warner, Truman b24033698
Danbury : three hundred years of change and growth / by Truman Warner Warner, Truman b24033716
The last leaf of Harlem : selected and newly discovered fiction by the author of The wedding / Dorothy West edited by Lionel C. Bascom West, Dorothy, 1907-1998 b28743763
Ethnic leadership in a New England community Westfried, Alex Huxley b15144264
Reinventing the culture of womanhood in America and Brazil : an anthropological perspective : models for the 21st century, 1964-2001 / Alex Huxley Westfried Westfried, Alex Huxley b25453154
Learning through speaking : 810 performance based language lessonss / Lois Cothran Wolsch, Robert Wolsch Wolsch, Lois A. Cothran b27052424
Writers all around us : a search & enjoy mission for parents & teachers / Robert Wolsch & Lois Cothran Wolsch Wolsch, Robert A b27052436
Language arts to communication arts : reorganizing for tomorrow’s literacy / Robert Wolsch & Lois Cothran Wolsch Wolsch, Robert A b27052473
Foibles of phonics : and other roadblocks to literacy / Robert Wolsch and Lois Wolsch Wolsch, Robert A b27052503
Workshop on databases for galactic structure : sponsored by Swarthmore College, University of Lausanne, Institute for Space Observations, May 17-19, 1993 : meeting held at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania / edited by A.G. Davis Philip, Bernard Hauck, and Arthur R. Upgren Workshop on Databases for Galactic Structure (1993 : Swarthmore College) b16044964
Information security : contemporary cases / Marie A. Wright, John S. Kakalik Wright, Marie A b28745929
Moving beyond G.I. Jane : women and the U.S. military / Sara L. Zeigler, Gregory G. Gunderson Zeigler, Sara L b27456420
The gravitational force perpendicular to the galactic plane : a meeting held at the Center for Galactic Astronomy, Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut May 19-20, 1989 / edited by A.G. Davis Philip and Phillip K. Lu b1064183x
Enduring traditions : the native peoples of New England / edited by Laurie Weinstein foreword by Russell Peters b16044393
The new age of exploration : the next 500 years : a quincentennial celebration held at the Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut, October 9-10, 1992 / sponsors, the Connecticut Humanities Council … [et al] edited by Phillip K. Lu b16250904
Management b16951438
The new Christian right : political and social issues / edited with introductions by Melvin I. Urofsky, Martha May b21675958
Wives and warriors : women and the military in the United States and Canada / edited by Laurie Weinstein and Christie C. White foreword by Cynthia Enloe b22702787
Gender camouflage : women and the U.S. military / edited by Francine D’Amico and Laurie Weinstein b23010538
Athlete’s guide to career planning / Al Petitpas … [et al.] b23756366
Organizational behavior 01/02 / editor, Fred H. Maidment b24270362
The practice of social influence in multiple cultures / edited by Wilhelmina Wosinska … [et al.] b24321795
Childhood memories : Jewish children who survived the Nazi peril speak / compiled under the auspices of the Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut b24568995
Native peoples of the Southwest : negotiating land, water, and ethnicities / edited by Laurie Weinstein b24960524
One out of ten [videorecording] / producers, Agnes Vertes, Todd Feuer b26392860
The sport psych handbook / Shane Murphy, editor b27026206
Taiwan in the twenty-first century / edited by Xiaobing Li, Zuohong Pan b27089101
Life after graduate school in psychology : insider’s advice from new psychologists / edited by Robert D. Morgan, Tara L. Kuther, Corey J. Habben b27493945
Leonhard Euler : life, work and legacy / edited by Robert E. Bradley, C. Edward Sandifer b28512066
Marketing and managing electronic reserves / [edited by] Trevor A. Dawes b28649928
Obstetric and pediatric pathophysiology / Bernadette Madara … [et al.] b28749340
Annual editions : International business / Fred Maidment, editor b28749388
Proli Footwear, Inc. : An audit simulation for team-based student participation [by] Patricia M. Poli [and] Richard J. Proctor b29077977
Euler at 300 : an appreciation / edited by Robert E. Bradley, Lawrence A. D’Antonio and C. Edward Sandifer b29092826
The pearl jacket and other stories : flash fiction from contemporary China / edited and translated by Shouhua Qi b29889455
Vietnam and the West : new approaches / Wynn Wilcox, editor b32490513