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  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Archive's reading rooms.
  • All notes must be made in pencil. No pens, highlighters, stamps, ink, etc..
  • Patrons may not mark, paperclip, staple, put post-its on or fold any Library & Archives materials.
  • Materials must be used at the table you are assigned and must not be left unattended. Please notify the staff when you are finished using materials.
  • You may be instructed to wear gloves or to wash your hands before handling materials and artifacts.
  • Archival materials must NOT be rearranged or reordered.
  • Do not remove materials from folders and keep folders flat on the table.
  • Only one folder at a time may be removed from an archival box.
  • All photocopying/scanning is done by staff.
  • Please obtain the permission of the archivist before taking photos of the materials.
  • Materials may not be removed from the reading room.
  • Staff reserves the right to examine personal research material such as notes, folders, etc., as well as any bags or other containers.
  • Cite what you use!

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