CAO network folder set-up

Create your CAO network Folder

NOTE: WebDav which was originally utilized for creating CAO network folders is no longer as simple as it used to be prior to Windows 7.

A workaround is to download a free file transfer client; we’ve used Cyberduck with success. []

The CAO administrators will provide you with a login and password for your drop folder after you submit your Application Form.

CAO can index your files as soon as you drop them on our server. You do this by creating a network drop folder on your local machine that can connect to us.

For users that have older Windows machines, it’s quite easy to set up a network folder and those legacy directions are below.


Download the piece to Windows that allows the creation of what they used to call a “Network Place” or a Web Dav folder.

With this installed…

1. From the Windows Start menu, click Computer.
2. Within the Computer window that appears, click Map network drive.
3. Then click the link “Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures”
4. Point to:[myFolderName]/
You will get prompted 3 times for user name and pw…
5. Drag the shortcut to the desktop


To create your networked or drop folder (using Windows):

  • from the “Start” menu, choose “my networked places”;
  • choose “add a network place” (left-hand menu);
  • hit the “next” button to use the wizard
  • choose another network location;
  • enter “” plus “ccsu, ecsu, scsu, statelib, uconn, etc. ” in the box and then hit next – this directory name will be provided to you by the CAO administrator;
  • use the username (your name) and password (your password);
  • give this folder a reasonable name like CAO Drop so that it is easy to remember what it is.
  • it will tell you that it “Completed”. Uncheck the box “open when I click finish.”
  • click finish
  • click on the new folder and login with username and password
  • you should see a README file

When you’re ready to add your files simple drag them to this folder. Files are indexed every day. To remove a file or replace it just drag it out of this folder or replace it with a new version.